Sigit Prabowo · May 6, 2019

How GOJEK support the moment of Ramadan 2019

This is my first time writing about my work. maybe some people are not familiar with how our Super App, GOJEK, can provide new features quickly without releasing a new version in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. I’m writing from the perspective of a web developer only, so you might read some terms that are unfamiliar.

We call superWeb(view)

Always start with web prototyping. It can’t be denied that each campaign requires a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We still remember how short the brief from the creative team was, but we accepted it and we started…

At first, it seemed simple, we only made it within a short amount of time. Our team used a static site generator that is modified by another internal team. Tools are just tools — we believe tools make it easy but it doesn’t solve everything.

We thank random users

We might assume that things will smoothly and work 100%. The reality is different, we find pain points, especially from the user experience aspect about gestures. Slide and swipe gestures are commonly used when operating mobile phones. How can this be incorporated? This is where our experience as a web developer comes in. We found a Browser API that handles gestures that are similar to those used in mobile phones.

It’s not easy to make the Super App and superWeb(view) consistent in terms of design. We have to adjust the measurement calculations. Mobile and web design units measure differently in points (pt) and pixels (px). So does the pixel per pixel accuracy (pixel perfect though). This is where our team works to create similar ones that can be implemented online.

When Super App meets superWeb(view)

Thank you to all stakeholders who made this happen. This is the way we deliver things quickly. This is not a secret because you might have done it before. Our team, the Web Team, is only a small team that helps run the Super App. With many products, it is necessary to make a campaign or experiment to increase the number of new users.

Our team is usually involved in these kinds of projects. Now that you’ve read part of the process, you might one day ask yourself, “are the features in the application made with webview or native?”. Feel a similar user experience.

artwork credits to: header: creative team at GOJEK mobile display: personal documentation

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