GO-TROOPS · June 7, 2018

11 Lessons For Building An Engineering Organization At Scale

“ When we launched GO-JEK in January 2015, nobody could have imagined that within just three years, we would have grown to 100 million orders per month. At the same time, our range of businesses had increased from just transport, shopping and logistics, to payments, lifestyle services, ticketing, even auto repairs. Today, our 20+ million customers enjoy access to 18 services which connect them to our 1+ million drivers and 150+ thousand merchant partners to make their everyday lives easier”, Ajey Gore, CTO of GO-JEK

The road to this endured its own set of bumps and curves.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been growing 5–10% WEEK ON WEEK.

The speed and the intensity of the growth was staggering, and not just because it put strain on existing systems, but because of the need for us to evolve our tech stack at the same time.

In this short time, we migrated 50% of our microservices to GO, setting us up for smoother growth across all of our businesses with high concurrency.

But let’s stop there for a moment.

This type of extreme hypergrowth, both large in scale and incredibly complex, puts immense strain on the engineering and technology portion of the business.

At GO-JEK, we’re not just about the languages and the resources, but about the people.

Ajey Gore, GO-JEK Group CTO, recently shared his experience in building the company’s capabilities, highlighting that retention, a high bar for hiring and aggressive adoption of new technology were key components of this process.

Watch Ajey share his top 11 lessons about building an engineering organization at scale, in his recent keynote at Gophercon Singapore:

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